Wisemans Ferry

Wisemans Ferry continues to be a favourite among our travels - it truly fits our definition of a village. Miniature and sleepy, it's an easy-going village alongside Old Northern Road and ending at the water's edge with the ferries.

History buffs love Cobham Hall Museum in old Wisemans Inn, which is also a great place to chill out under the shade of gigantic trees at the front. Families love the park at the edge of the river for picnicing, fishing and water skiing.

Other activities include trekking the Old Great North Road, lawn bowls, houseboat cruising, a visit to an art gallery, a burger at the kiosk and a quick trip across the river on the wonderful little ferries.

Who cares what the rest of the busy world is doing!

Wisemans Inn & Hotel

Address: 5545 Old Northern Road, Wisemans Ferry
Phone: 02 4566 4301
Hours: Hotel open daily 11am 'til late, Museum open Sat, Sun 1pm to 3pm

Wisemans Inn (more often known as "the pub at Wisemans") has undergone some noteworthy changes. While the exterior in 2016 sported new colours, interior changes were the most unusual as the accommodation was remodelled to be reminiscent of a gentleman's country home of the 1800s. Rich wood antiques, drapes and new linens enhance each room in the style of the day.

In 2017, Wisemans Inn - the original homestead of Solomon Wiseman -- introduced a museum, Cobham Hall.

We were charmed by the authenticity and the decor. If you are as entranced as we are by life, architecture and construction from the 1800s you are in for a pleasant surprise. Exposed sandstone walls reveal how innovative the early settlers were. Limestone was not available so a substitute lime was created (a mortar of crushed oyster shells cooked in pits or kilns for several days and combined with water, sand, and ash to make a quicklime to hold together the sandstone).

The steakhouse bistro still serves up hardy meals (we do like the steaks), and the patio is perfect for a lazy lunch with friends. For the kids, all the amenities of a jumping castle, petting zoo, and face painting on Sundays keep little ones happy.

Wisemans Pub, Bistro and Inn is a favourite of many, so book early.

NSW Ski Gardens

Address: 2916 River Road, Wisemans Ferry
Phone: 02 4566 4212
Hours: Kiosk open weekends

Set alongside the river, NSW Ski Gardens is only 1km from Wisemans Ferry Village and a short distance past the Webb Creek Ferry dock. This ski park is a popular spot for all the big races, so you'll want to book and claim your camp site early.

The ski grounds are quite casual, with caravan and camping facilities in a rustic and shady setting just steps from the river. Showers are located with group amenities and dogs are welcome but must be kept under strict control.

Picnic and barbecue facilities are onsite and a weekend kiosk serves hot items, soft drinks and ice-cream. The facility is popular with waterskiers, fishermen and those who want a budget holiday on the river. We often see international travellers at the Ski Gardens. Hosts attempt to serve the needs of all their guests - they love their spot on the secret river and are happy to share it.

Ferry Artists Gallery

Address: Shop 2/5557 Old Northern Road, Wisemans Ferry
Phone: 02 4566 4385
Hours: Open Wed to Mon, 10am to 4pm

Artists and artisans are drawn to the community around Wisemans Ferry, perhaps seeking quiet and respite. They practice their art hidden in the wooded hills or along the river front. They are serious about their art, their genre and their exhibitions in the tiny gallery in the centre of the village.