Richmond and Windsor, primarily known for 'feeding Sydney' in the colonial days, are country towns home to early architectural styles in public buildings and attractive residences.

Beyond The Mall, Windsor has seen a resurgence of interesting shops and cafes on South George Street, while near the paddlewheel, cafés and restaurants continue to attract foodies on The Mall. Housed in notable old buildings, two wine bars offer a touch of difference from the historic and famous (infamous during colonial days) Windsor pubs.

Did you know?

The Hawkesbury Regional Museum has an ongoing exhibition, FLOODS
Along with exciting photographs, you will pick up facts about do's and don'ts during a flood.

Blues & Roots take over Windsor for three days of funky music.

Lunch or party any day on the Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler ... 'Cruisin' down the river on a Sunday afternoon' isn't just a song.

The river is the centre of life in Windsor. The town grew up around it, built beautiful homes on its banks and learned to live with the possibility of flooding. Visit the Hawkesbury Museum on Baker Street in Windsor – the Floods exhibition takes you through the history of the Hawkesbury River (for as long as we have recorded it).

For a high, but noisy, activity on the river, the Bridge to Bridge Powerboat is scheduled in May and in November, crowds come out for the Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic. The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic starts at Windsor and it's an overnighter – 111 Kilometres down the Hawkesbury.

Annually the biggest event on Hawkesbury terra firma is the Hawkesbury Show held at the Showground in Clarendon.

Just 10 minutes outside of Windsor, the Australiana Pioneer Village is a terrific outing. Historical facts and figures go down with spoonful of sugar for kids at this reenactment village in Ebenezer. Open on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm, 'The Village' as it is fondly referred to by locals is situated on acreage alongside the Hawkesbury River. (Open Tuesday and Wednesday during each school holiday.)

Richmond is only a few kilometres from the most strenuous activity we know – the Trees Adventure at the Grose River Park (Yarramundi). Sore arms and shoulders for days, but hey, 'no pain no gain!'

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Nearby, at the Yarramundi Reserve, three rivers flow together – the Grose, Hawkesbury and Nepean. If getting fit is among your 2018 goals, hang out with the Willow Warriors, hardy river and bushcare volunteers at this very popular spot for canoeing and kayaking.

Saturdays, from 8am to 1pm, the Good Food Markets, located in historic Richmond Park, offers the best fresh produce from Hawkesbury farms.

Richmond is a Macquarie country town with an extended commercial street, Windsor Street. Pass the beautiful and historic cricket oval, and the 1880 post office and the old National Bank Building. Enticing boutique shops and petite cafés are the scene at this end of town. Weekend bikers refuel!

Richmond flats play host to Cloud 9 Balloon lift off and landing. From the view above, we see patterns of green veggies bordered by thick growing turf.