A tiny village with cafés, clothing shops, a butcher, baker and an architect borders Old Bells Line of Road. With a magnificent view across rolling hills and downward to open space, Kurrajong Village is quiet and urbane - a touch of sophistication remote from city life.

Bower Haus Collective

Address: 70-B Old Bells Line of Road
Hours: Mon to Sat, 9am to 4pm, Sun by appointment
Phone: 02 4573 1320

An unusual array of homewares items and art awaits you in this miniature shopfront. Glass, pottery, wool and alpaca fleece, and art are creatively displayed - we could browse (and shop) these homewares for hours.

However, look behind the wall of imaginative items to find the design team of Bower Haus Collective. This group has designed unusual and sophisticated buildings across the Hawkesbury and beyond (we recently visited an updated reconstructed clubhouse, complete now with old barn doors and wood furniture - a stylish space for a small social gathering).

Redesigned kitchens, bars, relocated walls, inserted massive windows and striking colour alternatives are the successes of Kurrajong's Bower Haus Collective. Look up and around the housewares section for massive photos of architectural designs which show the finished products of the Bower Haus Collective.

Carey & Co

Address: 70 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 1920
Hours: Open daily, 9am to 5pm

Like most of Kurrajong Village, the "cottage look" rules. Carey & Co is housed in a charming vintage cottage with a wide veranda, and its daily display on the veranda assures us this is a shop with beautiful clothing for beautiful people.

Over the years, we have found clothing with designer edginess but with wearable real-world practicality not often found in the fashion world. In 2018, we purchased a trendy long, puffy coat which we wore through an American winter, and it was warm on the coldest of days.

We love the comfy sandals and linens and cottons for hot summer days, and wools and cashmeres stocked for winter. All-natural fibres and soft fabrics are the trademark of Carey & Co.

Jewellery, which we often cannot resist, is terrific. Christmas decorations - quite unusual - come out of hiding and are so tempting for those who love this holiday season. However, an eclectic assortment of homewares is stocked no matter the season. Large items include beautiful trunks and coffee tables.

A kids' room is well stocked, so birthday and Christmas gifts are easily found.

In warmer weather, the French doors are open with clothing spilling onto the verandah, creating a brilliant canvas of colour wafting on the wind, summoning shoppers in from the street of charming Kurrajong Village.

Deli La Na

Address: 3/68 Old Bells Line of Road
Phone: 02 4573 0900

A little touch of Sydney occupies a petite shop adjacent to well-regarded Kurrajong Butcher. A bakery and delicatessen, Deli La Na is stocked from floor to ceiling with delicious foodstuffs. Cheeses, meats and wraps sit snugly in the chill box and gorgeous, yummy sweets line the counter near an ever-busy barista machine. A constant desire for espresso seems to fuel Kurrajong Village. We sampled a tasty prepared-wrap and a freshly baked slice. Yes, we will return for more.

Catering for swish affairs, birthday and graduation parties is their expertise and many happy customers in the Kurrajong hills spread their reputation. Head over to their Facebook page for short video-views of the stunning grazing tables. For a smaller affair, order a grazing basket.

Chairs and tables out the front make for a lazy lunch on a warm spring day.

A sister Deli La Na is located in Kurmond just a few kilometres away.

Highfields Country Cottages

Address: 203 Comleroy Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 2643, 0425 263 407

For a charming view of Kurrajong Hills, Highfields Country Cottages offers the best.

Three recently-built cottages are a perfect getaway for families or couples. Kids love to pet the animals or pick the fruit in season. Adults will take the late afternoon stroll up hill and through the fruit trees.

See Stay & Play page 6 for more

Cafés of Kurrajong

Deli La Na

Address: 3/68 Old Bells Line of Road
Phone: 02 4573 0900

The Village Kitchen

Address: 83 Old Bells Line of Road
Phone: 02 4573 0988

Seasons of Kurrajong

Address: 77 Old Bells Line of Road
Phone: 02 4573 1979

Feeding Frenze

Address: 79 Old Bells Line of Road
Phone: 0402 209 665