A tiny village with clothing shops, a butcher, a baker and a bottle shop and cafés bordering Old Bells Line of Road on either side. With a stunning view across the rolling hills and downward to open space, Kurrajong Village is quiet and urbane – a touch of sophistication remote from city life.

Bidwilli Design

Address: 83 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 0966
Hours: Open Wed–Sun 9am–5pm
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A wonderful array of homewares awaits you in this reincarnated shop. Once the home of Sassafras Creek, Bidwillii Design follows in the tradition of unusual and authentic gifts–a boutique homewares and interior design shop.

Art by Kurrajong artists and handcrafted furniture artisans are the highlight in this unusual shop. We love the simplicity – the design of the furniture – and the beautiful light woods. Modern, yet traditional.

We also found candles, paper-crafted storage items and gorgeous jewellery on our recent stop in Bidwillii Design. Love those rings!

Tableware, perfect for a party table (or if you want your kiddies to learn their table manners) come in various colours and sizes. Decorative flower and wreath creations added to your table will create an unsurpassed dinner ambience.

For a tidbit of history, Bidwillii Design is named after the bidwillii plant, also known as Little Kurrajong. We think Bidwillii Design, a recent addition to the Village, requires a weekly visit as wonderful items come in daily ... like Christmas every day.

Carey & Co

Address: 70 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 1920
Hours: Open daily 9am–5pm

Like most of Kurrajong Village, the 'cottage look' rules! Carey & Co is housed in a charming vintage cottage with a wide verandah, and its daily display assures us this is a shop with beautiful clothing for beautiful people.

Over the years, we have found clothing with designer edginess but with wearable real-world practicality – not often found in the fashion world. And we love the trendy, comfy sandals stocked for summer. Wools and cashmeres in winter, linens and cottons for our often hot days, all-natural fibres and soft fabrics are the trademark of Carey & Co.

Jewellery, which we often cannot resist, is terrific. Christmas decorations–quite unusual – come out of hiding and are so tempting for those of us who love this holiday season. An eclectic assortment of homewares is stocked no matter the season. Large items include beautiful trunks and coffee tables. A dramatic lamp catches our eye!

A kid's room is stocked, so birthday and Christmas gifts are easily found, purchased and wrapped.

In warmer weather, the French doors are opened and clothing spills onto the verandah, creating a brilliant canvas of colour wafting on the wind, summoning shoppers in from the street of charming Kurrajong Village.

carey and co

Cafés of Kurrajong

Bells Line Curries Indian Restaurant

Address: 85 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 0403 559 550

The Village Kitchen

Address: 83 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 0988

Seasons of Kurrajong

Address: 77 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 1979

Feeding Frenze

Address: 79 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 0402 209 665

Deli La Na

Address: 3/68 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong
Phone: 02 4573 0900