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Did you know?

The Deerubbin Centre in Windsor takes its name from the Aboriginal name for the Hawkesbury River, which is believed to mean 'wide, deep water'.

If you design your tour, Good Az Gold will deliver: boutique wineries, historic iconic churches and graveyards, Farm Gate Trail, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and the Art & Artisans Studio Trail, just to name a few.

A luxury air-conditioned coach, seatbelts for safety and a friendly driver make for exceptional travel. Coaches seat from 21 to 68 people and are clean and reliable. Wedding parties and special events are their specialty. In late 2015, Good Az Gold added to its collection of coaches a 'party bus' for all you 'party animals'. The phone rang ceaselessly - the staff were overwhelmed. Driven to despair, owner, Ryan Thompson hired staff to manage the calls and make the reservations. Now, all is well.

We met party bus driver, Jessie - a flaming-pink-haired driver who is 'a hoot'. She loves driving the party goers. The buses are equipped with a huge dance floor, 1000 watts of stereo bass-thumping music, and LED disco party lights. Great for Bucks, Hens and formal night parties!

The list of custom-made tours for large or small groups and clubs seems infinite. Good Az Gold can fit your group, so call for rates.

The Old Great North Road

Address: Settlers Road, Wisemans Ferry, National Parks & Wildlife Service
Phone: 02 4320 4204

Always carry water, wear a hat, and stay on the main road!

World Heritage Listing of Convict Sites in Australia. The Great North Road is a 240 kilometre civil engineering tour de force. It was built using convict labour between 1826 and 1836, to provide an overland route to the Hunter Valley. Today, the section at Wisemans Ferry, completed circa 1828, is closed to vehicular traffic, including motorcycles. Take Wisemans Ferry and turn left onto Settlers Road toward St Albans. The gated entrance is about 500 metres from the ferry and the entrance for trekkers is to the right of the gate.


The full three-kilometre walk is a loop, taking about three to four hours depending on your stamina. The trek is a gradual walk but has a steep incline, so one should be fit. Late September to mid-October is a perfect time for this trek. Wear a hat and layered clothing as the weather can turn hot or cold quickly. As always, a water supply is imperative.

Along the route, sandstone walls loom, shifting from grey, to gold, to black. Convicts, many in chains, chipped, picked and blasted this massive rock face to extract sandstone blocks. Hangman's Rock is a dramatic point in the trail.

It is 1.8 kilometres to the summit of Devines Hill and there are interpretive signs along the way - among the best we have seen in our travels. Here you can find stone retaining walls up to 12 metres high. This adventure has our five-star recommendation!

Hawkins Lookout

Address: Wisemans Ferry Road, Wisemans Ferry

Did you know?

The Hawkesbury Visitor Information Centre stocks and sells two books which are quite helpful
  • Best Bushwalks around The Hawkesbury
  • Best Cycle Rides around The Hawkesbury

Please note: this is a lookout — not a trail for walking

Each edition of the guide, we include Hawkins Lookout as it is the best 'photo op' spot in The Hills. Some of our Mountains friends might raise an eyebrow at the use of the superlative, 'best'. But keep in mind we are enamoured with water. We love the view when a slight mist hovers. Whether sunny, misty or overcast weather, the river below is quite beautiful.

A picnic table and a barbecue are available, but rarely in use. Perhaps the noise from the road is a deterrent. Roadway signs in either direction mark Hawkins Lookout. We have driven this road often, yet the entry always takes us by surprise.

lookout view

Yarramundi Reserve

Address: Springwood Road, Agnes Bank

Travel Tip

For additional Hawkesbury accommodation, see

This is 'river country' - the confluence of Grose, Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers. An exemplary use of crown land as sections are set aside for a variety of activities. Dog lovers have an off-leash section for their pets. Horse riding is kept to the northern section and swimming is recommended for only the Grose River. Is it any wonder the folks of the Hawkesbury love this reserve? 1.5km for walking and birdwatching — of course, there are shady spots for just lazing around under a tree on a weekend afternoon.

Adventure Conservation:
At Yarramundi, we meet a number of Willow Warriors - these hardy volunteers, in partnership with other bushcare and landcare groups, clean the river of nasty black willows, an effort that covers about 80 to 90 kilometres of the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers and their tributaries. Get fit with canoeing and kayaking. Have fun with camping and cleaning up the waterways. This is conservation at its best and volunteers are always welcome.yarramundi kayaks