From Author Jack Derwin (15 July 20`9) Business Insider


Australian slang can be a slippery slope. It was iconic Australian film star Paul Hogan, after all, who introduced the world to the phrase, ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’ — a phrase which hasn’t been seriously uttered by anyone since.

You may remember last year, we wrote a post about Bot(s) and Bot Farms and how Facebook often overlooked that many of our 'LIKES" were bots and not humans. Well, this Bot is a good one -- almost human and we love it! Even budgie smugglers makes this Bot's list...

  • Facebook's Messenger has launched a new bot called Bruce that speaks and explains Australian slang for the Facebook community.
  • Bruce not only curates a list of the most popular slang terms like ‘arvo’ and ‘schnitty’ but also explains more obscure ones, like ‘bleeding dog’s eye’.
  • With Facebook finding that one in four Aussies believe our way of speaking is declining, it’s hoped that Bruce will help preserve the unique Australian vernacular in the digital age.


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