FINAL WEEK: HAWKESBURY REGIONAL GALLERY (300 George Street, Windsor)  presents an unusual exhibition or should I say, 'exhibitions' of 'Steel: art design architecture'. 30 artists are included in the EXHIBITION WHICH CLOSES 20 January 2019. 


So what is art design architecture?


STEEL: art design architecture explores the most innovative and outstanding
ways that steel is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the
21st century and examine our relationship to this extraordinary material.



Showing our naivete, we were uncertain of the term 'art design architecture', thus we headed out to Google and discovered so many definitions. In multiple mediums, artists look back to simplicity, making precious things inspired by the humble objects of everyday life. Jewellers whose work features botanical forms cast in precious metals. Inspired by patterns in nature, glass artworks reflect subtle patterns, movement to behold. Visit the link to JamFactory Exhibitions. Really stunning work!


JamFactory Exhibitions across Australia


Back to our Hawkesbury Exhibition: Artist Seaton McKeon won the inaugural Australian Furniture Design Award in 2015. He has been working as an industrial designer since 2011. his works fall into two stylistic groups that he continues to develop simultaneously. The first is a 'machine aesthetic' that is minimal and stripped back, clean and efficient. His 'organic' works are softer in appearance, with an emphasis on round forms and curved lines.


EXHIBITION CLOSES 20 January 2019  T. 02 4560 4441