This week brought about the tragedy on the Hawkesbury River when a seaplane carrying tourists from UK nosedived into the river killing the pilot and a family of five.


We are always stunned when an event of this magnitude occurs and we are amazed by the valour of those nearby. Today, we write about those on the river at the time of the crash and their efforts to save the passengers and pilot.


Though we do not live in the Hawkesbury District, it is our experience and our observations of residents who live there and those who come to holiday and play on the river that  – they are a kind lot.




Their help in emergencies is always present and they visibly mourn when life is lost, or someone is hurt. A skiing or fishing accident on the river and they are immediately there to aid and assist. The media has carried the details along with photos of the brave men attempting to help when the plane crashed this week. Their thoughts were immediately with the families of those on board the plane – they wish to give comfort.  



Often those living close to The City don’t hide their contempt of ‘Westies’ – residents who live in western part of Sydney suburbs -- The Hawkesbury. We know Westies to be a little uneven around the edges, plain spoken and perhaps blunt in some situations. But should misfortune strike, we hope to be in their care. 


 The press captured the story and we understand the feelings felt in the Hawkesbury -- the empathy and sympathy felt by those watching the scene.

Tragedy on Hawkesbury River