CLOUD 9

For those who are not earth-bound and want to fly 'up & away', Cloud 9 is offering a special -- read reduction -- of $40 off the usual gift voucher of $299. You can fly any day (no restrictions) -- it's great way to break up the week's commute AND purchases can be made from now to September's Father's Day.



We're not suggesting that you liken yourself to  Icarus.who dared to fly too near the sun on wings of feathers and wax. Cloud 9 is not constructed of feathers and wax but smashing hot-air balloons. We know you will have a big thrill with this group. Meet at the Crown Plaza Hawkesbury (formerly Sebel Resort) and after the flight, return for a scrumptous breakfast. 



The Hawkesbury landscape and topography is stunning from this height and the big winding river will be in your memory forever. For details: Follow that balloon