Rose Street, Ebenezer                                     Free Parking inside The Village


Situated on acreage alongside the Hawkesbury River, Australiana Pioneer Village is fondly referred to as The Village by locals.


For kids who often rebel at learning facts, the Village reenactment of early life and culture in the Hawkesbury is a living history lesson. Facts slide down effortlessly and without the usual pain for parents, or for children.



The Village character is defined by its buildings and sheds – most preserved from the 1800s. Other buildings such as the shearing shed have been constructed in the style of the period. In the shearing shed, shearing demonstrations are on every Sunday. Our favourite is the preserved and famous Blackhorse Inn stables, where a sponsored horse race down the main street of Richmond (750 metres) took place between 1819 and 1927.


Kids who are drawn to things in proportion to themselves will be amazed at the size of official buildings: the post office, the police station, a school and a bank. All are miniature and doll-house size, unlike the massive edifices of today. Regardless of a visitor’s age, a village with unpaved footpaths or streets is a rare scene today. Horse drawn carts in The Village maneuver their cargo – people or goods over dusty roadways.


In an authentic village setting so familiar of our past, volunteers in period dress and in character bring life to history. A day at The Village is a fantastic family outing.