More than one hundred years ago, on 14 September 1914, Australia’s first submarine AE1 disappeared while patrolling the seas near present day New Guinea. No trace of the vessel or the 35 crew has ever been found.
This story is now being told in War at Sea – the Navy in WWI, an eight panel exhibition at Hawkesbury Central Library, Windsor, on tour from the Australian National Maritime Museum, from Tuesday, 8 August to Friday, 29 September, during opening hours.
This panel exhibition draws on the personal accounts of Navy service staff through their diaries, mementoes, ship’s logs and letters home, to tell their incredible stories of bravery and sacrifice amidst the drudgery of life at sea, patrolling, blockading and escorting troopships.
The free exhibition will be held at Hawkesbury Central Library, 300 George Street, Windsor.
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Today, we are 'out of sorts' and 'down and out' as we had to hug, kiss and say goodbye to our beautiful male cat, Yugi who was 13 and on Monday was felled by a blood clot. We are certain he was the smartest cat on the continent, well definitely on our street and he was the lord & master of our household. Amidst the tears, we really miss him waiting in the driveway or sitting on the mailbox while watching the world go by. So our usual happy mood is stuck, but perhaps writing about LEGO(s) will help because as they say, Everything Goes Better When We Stick Together. *




As a mum, I've been through several vacuum cleaners and sworn and screamed a bit with extreme pain to a foot  -- all due to those wonderful LEGO(s). Now at Rouse Hill House & Farm through 16 July, creative options to make your household happy are on with LEGO(s).


We visited the LEGO exhibition this week and it is beyond amazing. Rouse Hill House & Farm, all the animals -- even the farmhands, teachers, family members are displayed with architectural accuracy. Set up by Ryan McNaught who no doubt is an expert with LEGO(s), you'll be entranced with the miniature of RHHF. But, the beauty of this exhibition, little fingers, 3-5 years get an opportunity with DUPLO to create a house or a horse at their play table. A few parents had jumped into the fun on Members' night -- the windmill was a bit too tall for a young one to have created.



Older kids (6-12 years) can show off their creativity and skill with a larger effort. Along the wall,  images of the farm hands help us understand the contribution each makes at Rouse Hill and fitting right into the LEGO creation.  The 'Build your own' area surrounds the House & Farm exhibition and is set up similiar to a Japanese Sushi Train -- inspiration is close at hand.



We suggest this opportunity would be fun for all ages -- Probus Blubs, Men's Shed Groups, Moms' night out -- it's a chance to revisit a childhood and to explore your creative side. Make your booking today! (On Wednesday through Sunday during the school term.) As singer Zac Hanson says: 'A girlfriend? No thanks. I'd rather play ninendo and build my lego set.'


* NAIDOC WEEK Celebration: SONGLINES: Our Languages matter!  SUNDAY, JULY 9 10AM - 4PM. Muru Mittigar has new home.

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