Business gets in the way of fun!!! So, the challenge Bowls @ Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club is being "rescheduled" not cancelled.  We must fly overseas for business so upon our return, the game is on!

A reminder: The Australiana Pioneer Village at Wilberforce opens Jan 26. Happy Birthday Australia and congratulations to all those Friends of the Village who have worked so hard. Here are some of the fun things to fill your day: 

Enjoy music, stalls, shops, displays and demonstrations, antique machinery, vintage cars, bikes and tractors, Devonshire Teas, Damper with Cocky’s Joy, heavy horse displays, pony rides,blacksmiths, old time stamps, radios, telephones, train memorabilia,a wide variety of foods and refreshments including the Lions and Rotary BBQ’s

This should be a wonderful celebration.

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Jan Steuerwald, manager of the Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club has thrown down the gauntlet (to, or at me)and I can't possibly back away from the challenge.

I asked Jan if I could come out and try barefoot bowling in January -- Jan laughed a little too gleefully and agreed to set up a match with some of her regulars. What she didn't say spoke volumes -- she's lining up The Talent and I've only bowled twice -- and in the U.S. where we don't know bowls at all.

So, I'm pleading for assistance. Anyone out there listening who might join me, give me a fighting chance and save me from humilation? We haven't set a date, but I'll check with Jan for the least busy day next week -- perhaps not too many jeering spectators will be present!

So I'll close out the post with this thought: "If you can't be a good example, you'll have to be a horrible warning!"

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