IF THE WEATHER HOLDS, and you want a bit of a workout in the most recent NSW World Heritage site,  consider the Convict-built Great North Road. You can access this spectacular preserved stretch on the North side of Wisemans Ferry.  Take the "big" ferry, turn left and within metres you'll see the sign (on the right). There is a very small unpaved area on the left for unofficial parking. 

We won't go into all the history of the North Road in this post ( it is very intriguing) but recommend you call the NPWS 02 4324 4911  or 1 300 36 1967 and request a brochure -- it is full of interesting details.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Devine's Hill is a two hour return walk past quarry sites, 12 metre-high buttress walls and somewhat erie, Hangman's Rock. Were convicts hung at the Hangman's? Details aren't available, but from the shape and size, hangings would have been possible. If you can ignore the name, the colours and shapes brought on by errosion are quite stunning and a great background for a photo opp.

The walk provides wonderful views of the Hawkesbury River and our favourite -- the signeage along the walk is the best we have ever seen. The road is closed to vehicles. Mountain Bikes are challenging, but not recommended for the steep ascent of Finch's Line.

For families -- children under 10 might find this a bit boring unless prepared in advance. It is part of Australia's colourful and early history.

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Is May too chilly for a barefoot game of bowls? In Wisemans Ferry? I returned from an extended business trip to the U.S. and are now ready to take on all challengers. Bowling Club Manager, Jan has offered to bring in her regulars to teach me a thing or two! I know I will need assistance and some lessons!  I think with some practice sessions, I'll be ready by May 3rd.  Any instructors out there?

I was struck down by a flu bug in the States and have had a rather lengthy and boring recovery. So, I have missed out on the beautiful weather of this last week in the Hawkesbury. Would love to have been at Spencer's Cafe today -- how glorious the river must have been. My sources tell me that the Windsor Markets were a happenin' place today -- if these days continue, get to The Mall in Windsor and do a bit of browsing at A Farmer's Daughter  -- such unusual items you won't find at a Westgate Mall -- anywhere!

This post is brief but soon we'll be out & about in the Hawkesbury and those great country roads!

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