We visited the Sydney International Regatta Centre at Penrith last week and watched a number of youngsters accomplish an activity that most likely had been beyond their wildest dreams!

In small boats that are easy to handle and unsinkable, we saw kids with disabilities learning sailing basics and having the time of their lives. What a joy to watch! We could barely pull away to go back to work. Sailability at Penrith Lakes  provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to learn to sail. Amazing and joyful!

Lessons are really reasonably priced. And if you wanted to give a wonderful Christmas gift this year, why not purchase the 8-week course ($60) for some young person with disabilities. Call Sailability 02 4729 2059 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In celebration of the 30th aniversary of Sydney –Nagoya (Japan) Sister City Relationship, a group of Visitors from Nagoyawere hosted yesterday (10/11) by the Muru Mittigar staff.

The Nagoya visitors learned about the different Aboriginal groups and customs and also participated in an interactive cultural experience program involving learning how to throw a boomerang and blowing the didgeridoo.

We were not present for the event, but we have attempted (and failed miserably) to throw a boomerang and blow the didgeridoo. From our experiences at Muru, we're certain our Nagoya guests enjoyed lots of laughs and camaraderie. 

As we post, we're attempting (and failing miserably) to upload some great photos from the afternoon -- proof that an afternoon of cultural exchange and a bush tucker BBQ which included a taste of crocodile and kangaroo meat did wonders for international friendships.

p.s. Lessons for uploading photos, anyone???

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