Jan Steuerwald, manager of the Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club has thrown down the gauntlet (to, or at me)and I can't possibly back away from the challenge.

I asked Jan if I could come out and try barefoot bowling in January -- Jan laughed a little too gleefully and agreed to set up a match with some of her regulars. What she didn't say spoke volumes -- she's lining up The Talent and I've only bowled twice -- and in the U.S. where we don't know bowls at all.

So, I'm pleading for assistance. Anyone out there listening who might join me, give me a fighting chance and save me from humilation? We haven't set a date, but I'll check with Jan for the least busy day next week -- perhaps not too many jeering spectators will be present!

So I'll close out the post with this thought: "If you can't be a good example, you'll have to be a horrible warning!"

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Next week, the 2011 edition of Villages of Hawkesbury will be available. The theme: Get Up & Get Out in the Hawkesbury. The website, www.villagesofhawkesbury.comwill get a major update by mid-December. Then throughout the year, we will include on the web new and fun things happening in the Hawkesbury. Pass this blog/website on to your friends -- this helps promote all the fun things to do.

For my travels around the countryside this week in the rain, I saw Wisemans Ferry in a downpour, Spencer Village and later Kurrajong Village in a drizzle. With warmer weather, rain is not so bad! Visited Wisemans Ferry's River Valley Lodge for the first time -- really charming. Now I want a long weekend hanging out there, paddling around on the river or tanning by the pool (a touch of Hawaii).  Spencer, I discovered is as beautiful in rainy weather as in sunny. . . the mist hung just slightly above the river and a few larger boats farther out appeared to be trolling for fish.

I should keep this a secret, but at my favourite shop (for Christmas gifts), I found a couple of beautiful gifts for my daughter at Sassafras Creek (Cafe/Store) in the heart of Kurrajong Village. As we are similar size, I can always borrow what I buy! See you next week and look for the new edition of Villages of Hawkesbury!

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