A glorious day in Spencer along the Hawkesbury

Admittedly, the photo above was taken before the rains descended and the river rose in early March, but surely we will see great fishing days in the future. And  charming Spencer wharf is a perfect fishing spot for those of us who are land bound.

We are back after a long hiatus -- a volunteer effort on the International Sand Sculpting Championship held in Windsor (January) kept us busy for far too long. But that was then, and henceforth we will bring you updates on each of the villages that dot the Hawkesbury.

Kurrajong Village is making the transition from summer into autumn and winter and we first notice the shift when fashion takes front and centre. Stop by Carey & Co, that great women's shop, for the new autumn arrivals -- dresses, skirts and beautiful knitwear.  The collection is quite unusual and eclectic -- wonderful choices. (Also, we love C&C's shoes.)


Across the street, Sassafras Creek opens a new exhibition, "Photosynthesis” on March 22nd. Issac Shelly is the young artist.  The exhibition openings are consistently sophisticated and fun.  (March 24, drinks and canapés served 3-5pm) Make your booking for dinner and the evening is complete.

Kurrajong Village (on Old Bells Line of Road) is small, but all amenities can be found -- the butcher shop  is first rate and a petite bottle shop is fully stocked. If you have a fondness for antiques, save some browsing time for the Kurrajong Antique Centre. This is a huge and unusual collection.

We also recommend lunch and more browsing at Wrapt. A table on the balcony overlooking the valley below is our choice. Prices are modest and the service is prompt and very friendly. Often, we have difficulty leaving Wrapt without making a purchase from the unique home accessories.  We are by nature a disciplined shopper, but at Wrapt our self control flails around, making loud (internal) noises and takes a back seat to instant gratification! You'll love the choices, too.

We'll make our way to each of the villages over the next few weeks. . . the autumn colours will soon appear in the Hawkesbury Heights and up at Mount Tomah. Finally, music (festival) will be in the air down at Wisemans Ferry. More on that event later.











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For a little more than a fortnight, we have made our way across the breadth of the Hawkesbury from Mount Tomah out to Wisemans Ferry. (Next week we head out to Spencer and the famous Dunkirk Hotel and Spencer Store for lunch and the peace and quiet only the Hawkesbury can offer!)

Our trip to Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens led to a purchase. . . a bouquet of Warratah(s), followed by yet other purchases at a produce stand. A big sack of oranges, a litre of apple juice, two divine freshly made (they were still warm) apple pies and still, we were only a few kilometers down Bells Line of Road to Bilpin.

Mount Tomah was under a bit of mist, but that did not stop several parties from picnics in the gorgeous outdoor setting.  Without an entrance fee, Mount Tomah has experienced an increase in visitation and during school holidays the staff always offers terrific classes for kids. Particularly loved by children are the "Quests". Great for the imagination and a great botany lesson as well! Now with summer upon us, the Gardens are so much fun -- skinks abound, insects are in their glory and flowers have yet to fade. Of course, it is the view that captures our heart. Breathtaking.

But, moving on to our other villages across the Hawkesbury -- Kurrajong Village is really minuscule, but here life slows. Rolling hills frame a warm sun, blue sky and fluffy whites, for now the early morning mist has disappeared. Weather feels more -- well, is more in this region - have you ever witnessed a summer lighting storm in the mountains?

Kurrajong is our stop for a light lunch at Wrapt and a bit of shopping at Carey & Co. New summer dresses and sandals are in stock at C&C and we could not resist -- a terrific pair of white sandals, perfect with jeans or sundress! Owner Natalie Smith is buyer and what an eye she has.  We think Carey & Co is the top of the line for the Blue Mountains fashion!

And next door, Minaloo Lodge  is an eclectic mix of homemade quilts, dolls and little pots of tiny roses, herbs and lavender -- lavender is everywhere, in pots, along the fence, in the landscape. Jams are a specialty and owner, Bonnie seems to have sampled all of them. We love this tiny shop! It feels so much like country, our grandmother and a time of our childhood.

We'll save our trip to Wisemans for another night. . . the sandman has arrived! And speaking of the sandman, on another night, we'll tell you about  12 reasons you should plan a trip into the Hawkesbury -- when 400 tons of Hawkesbury sand will be delivered to Windsor.




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