"Hear ye, Hear Ye" Step into the world of a medieval faire where knights do battle, damsels feign fear and children transport to middle earth. This reinactment on the Hawkesbury Showground, transformed into a medieval realm, occurs July 6th & 7th (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Dress for fun and expect to meet the unexpected: Mermaids, Unicorns, Elves and Orcs. Come. 'tis Winterfest -- the Sydney Medieval Fair in the Hawkesbury.


In our youth, we loved the festivals of Marin County, north of San Francisco and are so looking forward to the Hawkesbury Winterfest. Cosplay and dancing are at the top of our list. Talented roving musicians, jugglers and dancers of the Court will roam the grounds. Magicians and wizards will appear, suddenly as in a "Harry Potter For Adults" movie! 



But kids,'don't dispair! At the Kids' Corner, meet mythical mermaids and unicorns. You can practice your jousting skills -- with safe swords of course!



Yes, Battles and Baubles are a-plenty: Practice your battle skills at the Re-enactor's Row then stroll down Artisan Alley and Merchant's Row for a bit os shopping. 



 Birds of Prey take Flight --  do they return when hungry?



"The Battle of Evermore"



The Queen of Light took her bow
And then she turned to go

The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom
And walked the night alone

Oh, dance in the dark of night
Sing to the morning light
The dark Lord rides in force tonight
And time will tell us all
Oh, throw down your plow and hoe
Rest not to lock your homes
Side by side we wait the might
Of the darkest of them all, oh

I hear the horses' thunder down in the valley below
I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon
Waiting for the eastern glow

(from Led Zepplin IV)


Join in the costume events: July 6th & 7th -- Winterfest 2019 Hawkesbury Showground!


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Lots to do now that the weather is reasonable! Perfect for walking are the Hills District Walks -- our favourite is Heritage Park  the site of the former Convict Farm established in 1801 and scene of the Rebellion of 1804. A children’s playground, vast open space, interpretive signage about the park’s historical past, seating and a barbecue make Heritage Park perfect for all ages. 


   Dahlias in Mount Tomah's Botanic Gardens


As leaves begin to turn, a day trip to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is the ticket. Dahlias, now in bloom through late April are considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers because of their unbelievable variety. The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah has a dazzling collection in full bloom until the end of April.  


On a mountain trip, we always plan a stop at the Bilpin Cellar Door (2369 Bells Line of Road which is open daily (10am-4pm) where tasting are de rigueur and coffee is always available. 02 4567 0704


Set in a young apple orchard, Bilpin Cider Cellar Door steps back to earlier day where weekends were for families, car trips, blankets and hampers of tasty treats.


bilpin logociber barrelcider store


Set in the small historic village of Bilpin, the ambience of this open-air tasting room is that of farming at the turn of the 19th century. Large and small farming tools are on display alongside locally produced honey from Bilpin Bush honey and seasonal fruit from Pine Crest Orchard. When available fruit and vegetables grown on the farm of Bilpin Cider.


Standing outside on the tasting room deck, our eye is drawn to huge leafy trees each with a massive canopy, each providing perfect shelter from the sun. A large swathe of green lawn, open for as far as the eye can see, is perfect for seating and enjoying a family hamper. Bilpin Cider will provide a gourmet picnic and a blanket at a moment's notice, or if you are the 'organised type,' please call ahead.


Children can wander through the farm, engage with the animals (sheep and alpaca). A jumping castle was on back order when we visited, and we heard rumours that a badminton court was soon to appear.


We have talked about the ambience and the perks, but we must not overlook the succulent Bilpin ciders available for tasting (and purchase): Archibald Cloudy Apple, Blush Pink Lady, Pear and Original Cider. For you 'designated drivers,' Bilpin Non-Alcoholic made from Granny Smiths, Pink Lady and Red Delicious is a treat! 


Four alcoholic varieties and one without fermentation are available for tasting and, of course, for purchase. The Bilpin Original Cider (non-alcoholic) is a winner. As the 'designated driver' of our group, we are allowed only the non-alcoholic tasting. We attest to its perfect balance — neither too sweet nor too dry — perfect for our palate!


Sample the flagship product, Bilpin Original Cider. Taste the sweet Bilpin Blush or dry Bilpin Archibald Cloudy Apple and you have sampled the primary product line.



However, if your palate tends toward dry, the Bilpin Pear is drier rather than sweeter and is 4.5%ABV. Moving up the alcohol content, the Bilpin Archibald Extra Brut is 9% ABV and sold in a 750ml bottled — dry and 'with a kick like a camel'(or the alpaca above) the Bilpin Brut is perfect to share at that next party.


A day in The Hawkesbury or The Hills is a terrific way to relax in the company of Mother Nature. These outings should be at the top of your 'to do' list!



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