Around The World: A worldwide performance of pipers celebrate Centenary of Armistice Sunday, November 11.


The haunting sound of the traditional Scottish song, When The Battle’s Over, will swirl around Bella Vista Farm Park at 5pm on November 11.The mass gathering of pipers is part of an international commemoration which will see 1000 lone pipers playing at sites around the UK at 6am joined at the same time from pipers from around the world - all playing the traditional 19th century battle retreat song composed by Pipe Major William Robb.




The Pipers' is a fascinating story of bravery and heroism during this war. For the full story follow this link:  The Pipers' Story  "This was the first war fought with “modern” weapons and tactics and it took a massive toll on the pipers and all the men who fought. The nature of trench warfare, where men had to climb the walls and charge across a no-man’s land through a wall a bullets and bombs, showcased the extreme heroism of many of the pipers".


At Bella Vista Farm, pipers and drummers from Castle Hill RSL Pipe Band will be joined by pipers and drummers from the Parramatta RSL Caledonian Pipe Band, the Hills District Pipe Band and members from The Combined RSL Centenary of ANZAC Pipes & Drums.


The time of the celebration has been chosen to mark the exact time (Greenwich Mean Time) when the Armistice of Compiegne was actually  signed, signalling the end of the World War I. The 11am minute’s silence marks when the end of the war came into force.


The Lancer Band (Regimental Band of the 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers) will perform until 6.30pm when MC Gareth McCray will take to the stage to read a speech written by Billy Hughes our Prime Minister at end of the Great War. 16 young Centenary of ANZAC Ambassadors will present the stories of Victoria Cross recipients.


For the commemoration event, the 9th Regiment of the Royal Australian Artillery will bring it’s saluting troop and four M2A2 Howitzers (big guns) to Bella Vista Farm to be part of the Centenary of Armistice commemoration on Sunday, November 11.




A performance from the Castle Hill RSL Youth Wind Orchestra will play Tchaikovsky's famous 1812 Overture accompanied by the Australian Army’s “big guns”. The M2A2 Howitzers will be fired at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in honour of those, past and present, who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.


WHEN: Sunday, November 11 at 4.30pm;


WHERE: Bella Vista Farm; Norwest Boulevard and Elizabeth MacArthur Drive, Bella Vista; Free Event



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      Wisemans Ferry

Making Lemonade out of Lemons?

We would like to introduce you to Ben Pearse as you see his wonderful photographs in our print guides and our websites. He travels the distance of The Hawkesbury and The Hills searching for the perfect sites, charming people and cute animals. He is a talented guy and we think you will like getting to know him.


This is Ben, a Blue Mountains photographer-- he has camera(s) and will travel) But let’s start at the beginning instead of today (October 2018). Born in Port Macquarie, the family moved to the Blue Mountains when Ben was three – he remembers the move, the next move and the next move. The constant moves were not a case of ‘Dad shost the sheriff’ or creditors. No, Ben’s dad was in real estate and could see all the opportunities as can many savvy relators. A purchase, a move, a reno and a sale, another move! Exciting life for a little one.


      Commercial Photo ... Ben Pearse Photography


By 15, Ben found his second love – rock climbing. Into his twenties and he was an expert – sponsorships came his way from big companies. Muscular, fit and handsome, companies had found a photogenic athlete for their marketing campaigns.


Another influence in his young life was an Australian Navy photographer – a favourite uncle who encouraged Ben to hang around with him on backpacking trips and family camping vacations. Even into the dark room, his encouraging uncle welcomed Ben, teaching him skills. Ben watched and listened. This was the seed for photography – a career much later in his life.


 'Three Sisters at the three Sisters' (Ben Pearse Photography)


As ‘life got in the way' of plans – Ben turned to retail management. Here he learned a different set of skills. Yes, there was less time for climbing, but the retail giant’s benefits were great – great training, varied financial and management skills. Senior management saw his potential, promoted him often and planned to move him to its Sydney headquarters.  The in 2010, some difficult-to-diagnose illness struck, leaving Ben bed-bound for more than six months. Loss of identity brings most of us to our knees – loss of career, loss of physical strength to an athlete, loss of income.   Realizing the seriousness of his predicament, he took this time to consider, ‘what’s next’?


Ben needed a job that he could ease into as he recovered and photography seemed an obvious choice.


       Portraits by Ben Pearse


Fully recovered, he launched his business in 2012. His corporate skills now came into play and the business flourished.  Ben is considered a highly skilled portrait and location photographer. You will find his photos on all our websites.  Oh yes, an exhibition, his second since launching his business is planned for 2019.




Check out his work. He is easy to work with, very little ego here. is friendly and has a wonderful eye.




























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