If the Harvest of 2016 at Rouse Hill is at all like 2015, it is a winner and worth crawling out from under those warm doonas, rugging up and coming to The Farm for great coffee and goodies from The Patisserie. Rouse Hill House is located at 657 Annangrove Road & Windsor Road. . . just look for the big Bunnings on Windsor Road.


It takes a Herculian effort, but we have learned to put a limit on our spending, as the oils and vinegars, pickles and chutneys, fresh nuts, bush honey and beautiful produce are all so tempting. For someone who lives to eat -- this Harvest Sunday is heaven!




Kids will love the resident chooks and feeding the cows is a thrill for little ones. Homemade scones from Elizabeth Farm Tearooms is a family treat for early morning sustenance. 


 Rouse Hill House & Farm: Take a foraging tour with Diego Bonetto


If the day is really chilly, food made on the spot wll keep your your taste buds happy and your tummy warn: Baxter and Bird's grilled to order sandwiches, Hawkesbury Cooks Co-op, Martin Boetz' hot soups or hot grilled chorizo by Steph's Gournet Foods are just a sampling. The aromas wafting from the food selection is really tempting, so we suggest you arrive with a hearty appetite.


Of all the area food festivals, we think the Autumn Harvest at Rouse Hill House is at the top -- competing with Sydney weekend markets.




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The days may be short but they are beautiful this time of year and a drive out to Wisemans Ferry is a great trip. Breathtaking sandstone cliffs and a winding road, a calm river and the little putt-putt ferries are nature’s best. Then, add a new -- well, old -- museum in the historic Wisemans Ferry Inn & Hotel to your day along with a chilled pint and a juicy steak. A great autumn day. . .


At the front of Wisemans pub, two enormous trees provide shade for those who love their grog in the great outdoors. The thick sandstone walls, exterior and interior are reminders of the original residence built by Solomon Wiseman in 1826. The sandstone was hand-huened -- can you imagine the effort that required? Today the hotel has five original fireplaces -- four are in working order and when fires are lit in the chilly months, we enjoy the ambience of the 1800s.



Back in January, we toured the renovated accommodation on the first level. Timber floors are Australian Cypress -- a honey coloured native timber that is termite-resistant. This flooring is the original -- from Wiseman's early construction and is beautiful. Each freshly painted room and modern ensuite is dressed with dark rich antiques, elegant textiles and linens that are in keeping with the period.  You have stepped into a country gentleman's stylish home – probably quite stylish for 1800 Australia.



Perhaps the most revealing of our convict ancestors’ inventiveness is the cooked oyster shell ‘mortar’ sealing between the sandstone rocks.  Then, limestone was unavailable, so this make-do ‘tabby’— crushed cooked oysters shells mixed with water, sand and ash still holds the rock today.  




Each Saturday and Sunday (and public holidays), Cobham Hall Museum is opened to the public from 1-3 pm. The opened-ended large room is filled with typical objects and bits and pieces of Solomon Wiseman’s day


Now, back to the Bistro verandah, the view, a cool brew and that juicy steak! 


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