Head to the farm these holiday -- take a farmyard tour and meet the chooks and 'Pudding', the cow. Explore the stables and pat our horses.


See how kids went to school in the 19th century and ring the bell -- it's time to start the school day!


11am  Family Farrmyard tour -- meet the animals

12 Noon Tour the Rouse Hill House -- for all ages

1pm Ring the Bell -- School house tour

2pm  Tour the Rouse Hill house -- for all ages

3pm Rouse Hill House highlight tour


Tickets for tours are included with museum entry. For more details:




Make your mini Claymation film. Write your story and create your (clay) characters. Design backdrops, shoot and edit your footage. Add titles, music and sound effects. For budding directors, camera crews and alll creatives! Your chance to 'create'! 

9am - 3.30pm Tickets $110. SLM members $95


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News headlines this week shouted that we Aussies have accumulated extreme credit card debt in 2015… and will continue to do so during Christmas, breaking credit card charges since the GFC. So, why did’ Kochie’ (David Koch Chanel 7) wait until December 15 to break the news?  Guilt rolls in along with the biggest thunder, hail and rain storm to hit the Sydney area in months (16 Dec).


If you have overspent and are guilt laden (and burdened with credit card interest) we would like to help you enjoy the summer months without breaking the bank. Spend less! Seems obvious, perhaps? Not so easily done!


We’re suggesting you do something outrageous.. . go on the cheap!  A tank of petrol, a shop for picnic goodies at your local grocer, a ground cover, sun screen and bottles of water-- take plenty of water -- and you're on the road! Alert: mobile and GPS availability is inconsistent in some areas: pick up a map at your nearest Visitor Information Centre.


 Rouse Hill House & Farm Open Day


Get out in nature, picnic, sit alongside the river, or fish from a pier.




  • Ride the free Wisemans' state ferry and drive out to Spencer, affectionately known as the 'Hub of the Universe'. The drive is gorgeous -- sandstone ridges, dense forest and the Hawkesbury River nudging along a winding road.  The attraction in Spencer is a general store, a waterside pier for fishing and a picnic table designated as the oldest pub in all of Australia. Ask a local for this folklore.



   Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah


  • Hang out in the cool Royal Botanic garden of the Hawkesbury side of the Blue Mountains. Picnic tables and barbeques are available and are  protected from the sun. During the holidays, a free photo exhibition of birds native to the Central Tablelands of NSW is on display.The view out from the exhibition hall is stunning.





  • Trek one of the trails in the Blue Mountains National Parks in the Hawkesbury -- the Great Old North Road -- now a World Heritage site is a bit strenous, but the engineering feat of our convict ancestors is amazing. The entrance is just a free ferry ride from the village of Wisemans Ferry. The National Park signage along this road is some of the best we have seen anywhere -- you will be proud ot your heritage!  Choose an overcast day with moderate temperatures.



  • Take in an exhibition at the Hawkesbury Regional Galley (air conditioned, of course)



  • Stop by Purple Noon Gallery in Freeman’s Reach for a new exhibition of Aboriginal art of the tiny art community Papulankulja in WA, "From Sunset to Sunrise, From Us to You" along with the permanent collection of local artists.





  • Sip from the vine on the Sydney Wine Trail --  three wineries, Jubilee Estate, Tizzana, and Bull Ridge Estate are located in Ebenezer and open for tasting each weekend from 12 noon to 5pm.



You won’t need an airline ticket or a passport to hang out in the Hawkesbury. And, you can have fun – guilt-free!  Just after Christmas, we'll highlight some activities where the fees are quite modest. Until then stay safe and a happy yule to all.



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