ART AND BEAUTIFUL OBJETS D'ART: Open Studio Weekend  10AM - 4PM  


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Artists and artisans move to the Hawkesbury to find peace, quiet and inspiration. In the Hawkesbury, space, light and heat are unique - the muse for much artistic endeavour. 





Collectively, the group hosts a studio-trail weekend twice a year allowing art and artisans lovers to meet the artists in their unique environment. This is a marvellous way to see art by regional artists and artisans who are hidden away in rural Hawkesbury.



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Media Release from Hawkesbury Regional Gallery -- New Exhibition Opening 6PM 9 September


We have a great new exhibition program for you, opening at 6pm on 9 September. Titled Choose Your Own Adventure (after the popular children's book series) it investigates the medium and meaning of contemporary book arts. The program comprises four exhibitions, starting with Shaun Tan; The Art of Story Discovering the Lost Thing - Book to Film (see below)in which we see how an acclaimed picture book was created and went on to became an Oscar-winning film. 



(Editor's Note) This exhibition looks like fun. While we missed out on the 'choose your own adventure' phenomenon, it seems it isn't too late. Just 'Google' search CYOA and the creative and the humourous pops up.One reviewer writes: 'Without Choose Your Own Adventure books, we may have had to pay attention in class and eventually get well-paying but boring jobs as accountants or something!'


The Gallery staff has created multiple layers to this exhibition theme:


  • Kylie Stillman's Local Branch is an installation specially created for this exhibition using books ‘weeded’ from the Hawkesbury Library collection. The work consists of more than 500 intricately carved books.
  • A display of artist’s books from the Manly Library collection: a great way to experience this energetic emerging contemporary art form. 
  • The Gallery's small exhibition space will be home to a lovely display of works, Lost Things, by Year 5 pupils from Kurrajong Public School

Hooray for getting the Year 5 students involved! Art is a wonderful and fascinating facet of our lives -- when we experience it first hand!

So hang out with 'the books' at our Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in September! Remember, the gallery is closed on Tuesdays.

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