In celebration of the 30th aniversary of Sydney –Nagoya (Japan) Sister City Relationship, a group of Visitors from Nagoyawere hosted yesterday (10/11) by the Muru Mittigar staff.

The Nagoya visitors learned about the different Aboriginal groups and customs and also participated in an interactive cultural experience program involving learning how to throw a boomerang and blowing the didgeridoo.

We were not present for the event, but we have attempted (and failed miserably) to throw a boomerang and blow the didgeridoo. From our experiences at Muru, we're certain our Nagoya guests enjoyed lots of laughs and camaraderie. 

As we post, we're attempting (and failing miserably) to upload some great photos from the afternoon -- proof that an afternoon of cultural exchange and a bush tucker BBQ which included a taste of crocodile and kangaroo meat did wonders for international friendships.

p.s. Lessons for uploading photos, anyone???

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A little known fact: low-blood sugar often acts as an inhibitor for the intake of wine or other spirits. It's a bummer, but... one learns to live with it. So today, I learn vicariously to appreciate the bouquet, the aroma of vintage wines from Alison Hayek, partner-owner (with her husband, Ray) of Jubilee Vineyard Estate.

 On this spring morning in Ebenezer, the vines are lush and green, leaves bursting into full display while petite tendrils wrap themselves around posts, wire or nails.  As we walk through the vineyards,  Alison, in her unique style, an individualised and very personal way,  introduces us to two wines. The two samplings react to our hands and the warming sun as we talk and walk down hill toward the lagoon.

Earlier in the Cellar Door, I have taken notes as she talked about the process and affects of soil, weather and choice of timber upon the wine. Wine Appreciation 101. The knowledge is intellectually fascinating,  but it is the visceral experience as we walk through the vineyards that brings such joy. The sun's warmth, the light breeze and the "ah ha" moment as I lightly inhale first one, then the second -- the senses are in full control.  Without a taste of either wine, I discern the aroma of each. Voila! What an experience.

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